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Asbury UMC Ad-Hoc History Committee

The members of this ad-hoc history committee shown here from left to right are Asbury UMC members Mr. Wendell Proctor, Mrs. Ruby Walls, Mrs. Savannah Barabin, Ms. Doretha Brown and Mrs. A. H. Christian (currently a member of Trinity East UMC, Houston, Texas, but baptized and raised in Asbury). Also a part of this group is Dr. James Christian (not shown).

On Friday, February 29, 2008, an ad-hoc group convened to begin reviewing the historical set of Asbury United Methodist Church records. These records date back to the 1890's. The purpose of this group is to begin consideration of methods of both preserving these records (the oldest of these records are tattered and disintegrating) and of eventually publishing selected sections of these historical records on the internet.

These historical records are a testament to the glory of Asbury and to the grace of God. Particularly for the early life of our great church, the entry lines in these books constitute the only record of births, baptisms, marriages and departings of St. Mary Parish African-Americans. So to publish selected sections of these records on the internet for the study of historians and geneologists is to memoralize the toils and the triumphs of a people who endured slavery, the KKK, "Jim Crow", "separate and UN-equal" and who fought back through the Civil Rights movement. These records represent nothing less than the proud and sacred heritage of Asbury of which we wish to shout out to the world to never forget those who preceded us.

To view one page of the Asbury record from 1893, please click the link below.

1893 Asbury Historical Record Page